Dating British made Stanley planes

Nice comparision of th etwo planes. I have an identical English made Baley No. It was given to me when I was about 14 so around and was brand new then. So guess they either did not alter the design at all or your plane was made later than you think. Hey Ty! Thanks for the comment. If I were to guess, I would guess that this plane is from the s.

Stanley English Type Study Draft

Planes For Sale This is a list of metallic planes for sale. Some of them will have a button to click to see a picture. Instead of having to load each image to continue, just scroll down this list and click to see an image.

I have a Stanley-Bailey No6 plane, with “Made in England” on the body I have a few Stanley planes that I would like to date, but there’s not.

Let the games begin, starting with the bread and butter of Stanley, upon which they built an empire, the Bailey patent bench plane in its various configurations. Leonard Bailey designed what has become the standard plane configuration that’s still in use to this day. He was the undisputed champion of the plane slugfest that errupted in the decades after the Civil War. If you’re at all fascinated with handplane design, follow this link to read all about the Better Moustraps.

A general description of stuff to look for when examining a bench plane is listed under the 3 smoother. This stuff is applicable to all Stanley bench planes of the basic Bailey design as well as those that incorporate the Bailey patents such as the Bed Rocks , and comes from my observances of thousands of these planes.

Stanley’s #75 Bull Nose Rabbet Planes from the Model Shop

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Dating Stanley Planes Made In England Could someone please help me out? Most sites that I have seen only deal.

Category: Old Jack Planes. Extra Info: What is a Jack Plane? How to use a Jack Plane? In terms of classifying these changes for historical classification, these refinements relate to which ‘Type’ the plane is e. The body is constructed from grey cast iron with machined and ground sides and sole. The machining and grounding ensured the plane body was originally flat and true or pretty flat and true. The top-side of the plane body is finished with the black finish which is synonymous with the Stanley plane range.

The frog face is set at 45 degrees, therefore the blade is set at a 45 degree angle. The frog can be used to adjust the mouth thickness at which the shavings pass through.

Stanley Works, USA, woodworking planes, 19th & 20th century

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This version from the Model Shop is difficult to date, but was probably made Stanley #75 Bull Nose Rabbet Plane, Made in England showing.

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How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)

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Stanley Plane Tote / Toe Screw Handle Screw 20 TPI 1/2″ Long NEW *Rare Vintage Stanley no 64 Spokeshave Made in England Vintage No 18 Stanley Knuckle Cap Block Plane Early Type Pated Date Small Chip.

I find this the best way to date all Record hand planes. Dates are accurate to within approximately one year. Record very often had new products in the shops before they appeared in their Catalogue. The first pattern had a revolving disc on the lower end of the lateral lever. This was provided until WW2 from to with no lettering marked on the lateral lever. Solid disc at the end of the lateral lever with no markings on the lateral lever, to about

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View Full Version : Age of used planes. I’ve seen a lot of advise to get the older pre-world warII planes when buying a used Stanley. How do I know if a plane is pre-world war II? Check out a “type study”. There are some planes that are shortly after WWII that are fine, too.

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A Short Stanley History. As a young man in , Frederick T. Stanley founded The Stanley Works — a small company located in New Britain, Connecticut that manufactured hinges, bolts and other door hardware in a one-story wooden building. His vision was to create a hardware company with unsurpassed customer service, product innovation and integrity — and to offer products that would become the first choice among professionals around the world.

With the early success of this mission and an increasing demand for his high-quality goods, Mr. Stanley began exporting his products in the s. There would be volumes to add and not all the chapters are pretty! The Stanley Works embodied the best and the worst of the rise and rise of the American dream of industrial capitalism in the middle of the 19 th century. By the s metal planes made their big breakthrough and Stanley managed to get hold of most of them!

The modus operandi was simple: buy a budding plane company, integrate their production into the Stanley range or kill it off.

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Could someone please help made out? Most sites that I have seen only deal with planes type in seppo land USA. Why, because I am interested. Squizzy, thanks for the websites, but no joy. I have even emailed Stanley for their help?

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Antique, vintage and newer tools for all trades and collectors. Germany, Tum, smooth plane, Sold 4. Sold W Woden block plane, Sold. Starrett Co. Antique Buck Brothers cast iron 16″ shooting plane Sold Record Shoulder Plane, Sold. Over year old antique wood moulding planes with different moulding profiles. Willard Roxton Pond Quebec, 10, Sold.

Stanley Bailey Bench Planes – An Anatomy