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Check your bag before leaving the airport. If it is damaged or you notice that items are missing, let us know immediately. If we are unable to find your baggage within a reasonable length of time, we are willing to compensate you as stated in the terms and conditions of our liability. Please contact us in order to start the compensation claim process. If you do not report the loss at the airport, you have up to 21 days after the date of the flight to make a written complaint. We do not accept liability for losses that are reported after you have left the arrivals area.

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As soon as you determine that your baggage has been delayed, wholly or partially lost, or damaged, please contact EVA airport personnel immediately and submit a claim report. Please note that claims for partially lost or damaged baggage must be submitted within seven 7 days from the day following the date when the baggage was claimed by the customer.

Claims for delayed or wholly lost baggage must be submitted within twenty-one 21 days from the day following the date when the baggage was scheduled to arrive. The options below allow you to check the status of your baggage:. This claim form will help us locate your baggage and process any related compensation.

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Suited for someone like you who wants to dispatch bulky baggage such as Boston bags and travel empty-handed to the airport. We will visit your designated place such as your home, company, hotel, etc. Send the baggage from a hotel, delivery company, or convenience store, etc. We will pick up your baggage at your place and deliver safely to Kansai International Airport.

Price list. Deadline for acceptance and final pickup date. Do the baggage transfer yourself. Delivery address and important points when sending your baggage. Flow of services. When sending your baggage from a delivery company or convenience store, etc. Your baggage will be handed over only when the baggage tag and your receipt are matched.

Lost or Damage baggage

Our terms and conditions are listed below, if you have any questions please contact us for help or clarification on our terms and conditions. Contact Us. If you require checking more pieces of baggage, you will be charged the Bus Parcel Express rate. Each baggage piece must weigh less than 40 pounds 18 kg and not be larger than 24 inches 61 cm in depth, 24 inches 61 cm in width and 45 inches cm in length except snowboards, skis and ski poles.

Additional baggage and optional service fees. On this page you can find an overview of the additional services we offer to our passengers and the fees you may.

To support the ongoing efforts to limit the propagation of COVID, we have implemented service changes which will be in place until further notice, in light of recent recommendations of the public health authorities across the country. Read more. Please read the baggage policy carefully, as it contains important information about carry-on baggage, checked baggage, and special items. Before travelling, you are advised to find out how many pieces of baggage you are allowed to bring, what items are accepted on board, and what to do in case of a problem.

Your baggage allowance depends on your class of service, as indicated in the itinerary you received by email. Refer to this list to know which items are accepted as carry-on baggage. Before travelling, review the guidelines to find out the maximum weight and dimensions per item. Please refer to our checked baggage policy, to determine the allowance to which you are entitled and the applicable additional charges if necessary.

VIA Rail assumes no liability for damaged carry on baggage. VIA assumes only limited liability for checked baggage. Move around more freely before departure thanks to our checkroom service, available at certain stations. It is important to identify each of your baggage by entering your name, address and telephone number, as well as your e-mail address. Please note that the baggage allowance for your trip is indicated at the time of booking confirmation and in the e-confirmation document you receive by e-mail.

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On this page you can find an overview of the additional services we offer to our passengers and the fees you may encounter when flying with Air Serbia. Home Footer menu Passenger Support Additional baggage and optional service fees Reservations Additional baggage and optional service fees On this page you can find an overview of the additional services we offer to our passengers and the fees you may encounter when flying with Air Serbia.

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Mishandled baggage reports must be filed, within seven days from the date of receipt of the baggage, at the latest. Please note that accepting your baggage.

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Secure Travel is an experienced provider of luggage wrapping and storage services who provide travellers with peace of mind and security during their travels. Secure Travel also offers a variety of travel accessories available for purchase including bag tags, phone accessories and more. Secure Travel also has storage boxes and other forms of protective packaging available for purchase.

International terminal: Located on the ground floor before security – in the arrivals area next to the Air New Zealand Premium Lounge, opposite Door 8. Opening hours are dependent on fight schedules. Domestic terminal: Located on the ground floor of Carpark R- opposite the domestic terminal.

Baggage deposit and porter service are provided. stated above will be charged when you come to collect your baggage beyond scheduled collection date.

For the safety and comfort of all our customers, InterCity restricts the size, type and quantity of luggage or other belongings which you can bring on to our buses, and reserves the right to refuse permission for you to bring any item onto our service. All luggage carried must be clearly labelled with the passenger’s name, address, contact details and destination. InterCity luggage labels are available at InterCity ticketing agents.

When connecting from one service to another, passengers are responsible for collecting their luggage and ensuring it is checked onto the next service. InterCity does not provide a luggage transfer service. The size, weight and number of luggage items that can be carried is specified below. If a passenger wishes to travel with more luggage than is permitted, or with oversize items, the item s may be refused if there is no available space.

Baggage and Terms

The total linear dimensions i. Length plus Width plus Height of any item of baggage, must not exceed cm 62in , maximum weight acceptable of any single item is 32kg. Any item of baggage exceeding the size or weight limit, will not be accepted at passenger check in and must be consigned as freight. When packing surfboards for a Skippers flight please ensure that no more than 2 surfboards are included in any one pack, and that the pack does not exceed the limit of 32kg.

You will be asked for your name, telephone number, and pick up date. Payment is made at time of pickup. Please be careful not to lose your copy of the receipt you.

If you have already purchased your ticket with Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon, you can log into Manage Booking to purchase your prepaid extra baggage up to 24 hours before flight departure. Items that exceed the agreed size must be repacked into split-up units, otherwise they will not be accepted on the flight. There are exceptions for camera equipment , household effects , sporting equipment , musical instruments , travelling with pets , mobility aids , medical equipment and diplomatic baggage.

Our Prepaid Extra Baggage service cannot be used to prepay charges for pets and diplomatic bags. Blackout travel period may be applied for flights to Manila. Please note: Maximum weight and size limitations per extra baggage applies as follows. First and Business Class Each piece does not exceed cm 62in in size sum of the three dimensions and the weight of each bag does not exceed 32kg 70lb.

Premium Economy Class Each piece does not exceed cm 62in in size sum of the three dimensions and the weight of each bag does not exceed 25 kg 55lb.

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Pre-book Excess Baggage – If you wish to carry more than the standard baggage In case of date change, this service will be transferred to the new booking.

You need to report to the operating airline within 21 days from your arrival date for delayed baggage and within 7 days from the date you receive your baggage for lost items. If your baggage is delayed and you do not have a person to contact at your destination, Korean Air will provide USD 50 to you one time so that you can purchase your daily necessities. You need to report to the operating airline within 7 days from the date you receive your baggage for damaged bag.

MainMenu MyPage. Baggage Services Back. Submit a baggage report form with information filled out, including details about the contents in the bag, the brand of the bag, the characteristics of the bag, your contact info, etc.

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This guide explains what airlines must do to meet baggage requirements of the Air Passenger Protection Regulations for domestic services. In particular, it explains that:. This is not a legal document. In case of differences between this guide and legislation or regulations, the legislation and regulations prevail. The Montreal Convention establishes airline liability for lost, delayed and damaged baggage applicable to international carriage.

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In case of purchasing an additional baggage, a voucher will be issued for each additional bag noting the following will apply:. You are exiting SAUDIA website ,that lands on external website which may or may not meet the accessibility guidelines. If you want to proceed select “Proceed to external link” else Press “Cancel”. By continuing to use our website you agree that we will collect and processes your personal information in relation to services provided by SAUDIA and our trusted third parties.

We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. By continuing to use our website, without changing your cookie settings, you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our updated Cookie Policy. We have also updated our Privacy Policy which can be read here. Simply, retrieve an existing booking and purchase additional baggages. In case of purchasing an additional baggage, a voucher will be issued for each additional bag noting the following will apply: The validity of the voucher is for one year from the date of issuance Extra baggage vouchers refund, re-issuance, changing flight time, and re-routing are not allowed.

In the event of no show, the guest will lose full value of the extra baggage voucher. This service is available for certain destinations and sectors and may not be available for online pre-purchase due to operational limitations. In this case, you can pay for excess baggage at the airport.

Prepaid extra baggage

Interjet is pleased to introduce its Travel Agency Incentives Program. Under this program, registered travel agencies will be eligible to receive incentive credits, which may be used towards the purchase of air transportation. Only ticket issued through a registered Agency Jet account will be eligible for incentives. Monthly sales cut-off date will be the 1st day of the following month.

Incentives are calculated over the base fare; taxes and fees excluded.

This service is only available for flights operated by TAP Portugal, TAP Express and White Airlines. You can also report missing baggage at the Lost & Found.

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