May 2013: Smelly feet

Skip navigation! Story from Beauty. When a date moves from the restaurant to Netflix and chill on the couch, I panic about the inevitable shoe removal. When I fall in love with a pair of flats, I quickly remember that I only have a few wears before they start to deteriorate. Why, you ask? I have smelly, sweaty feet — to the point that they induce serious social anxiety.

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Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Our feet have more sweat glands than any other part of the body. Smelly feet or to use the medical term, bromodosis, can occur in anyone, though for hormonal reasons, teenagers and pregnant women are particularly susceptible.

People who wear shoes treated with Sanitized® contribute to better-smelling stairwells that no longer reek like smelly feet. Specific studies.

Many people experience sweaty feet from time to time. However, for some people excessive foot sweating is a persistent problem which can be difficult to manage and most likely lead to smelly feet. Its little wonder that your feet begin to sweat and smell when they spend all day trapped inside of your shoes. Our feet sweat because of heat and exercise, as well as stress. With other areas of the body, sweat can easily evaporate, but with your feet it gets trapped between our toes and in socks and shoes.

So, what can you do about your swamp feet? Wash feet daily with soap and water and dry thoroughly, especially dry carefully between the toes where skin can easily become soggy and germs can breed. These germs can lead to unwanted fungal infections. Make sure your feet are dry before putting socks and shoes on.

Smelly Feet? Try These 6 Homemade Remedies

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The feet and hands contain more sweat glands than any other part of the body about 3, glands per square inch. Feet smell for two reasons: you wear shoes and your feet sweat. The interaction between your perspiration and the bacteria that thrive in your shoes and socks generates the odor. Any attempt to reduce foot odor has to address both your sweating and your footwear. Smelly feet can also be caused by an inherited condition called hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, which primarily affects males.

Stress, some medications, fluid intake and hormonal changes also can increase the amount of perspiration your body produces. Persistent foot odor can indicate a low-grade infection or a severe case of hereditary sweating. In these cases, our practice may prescribe a special ointment. You apply it to the feet at bedtime and then wrap your feet with an impermeable covering such as kitchen plastic wrap.

Soaking your feet in. Smelly feet generally can be controlled with a few preventive measures: Always wear socks with closed shoes. Avoid wearing nylon socks or plastic shoes.

The Foolproof Routine That Will Fix Your Smelly Feet

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Smelly Feet

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Your husband’s smelly feet could be caused by a medical condition, but if it’s affecting your sexual relationship, he should see a doctor for help.

Many parents find themselves asking this question on the daily as their kid’s sweaty feet post-school activities open the flood gates to overpowering smells. Have you ever compared your kid’s foot odor to cheese? When it comes down to it, kids smelly feet are the result of a type of bacteria called Brevibacterium linens, or b-linens. So what type of activities lead to more b-linens, stinky feet, and shoes?

Children sweat more than adults and their footwear is built with the intention that they grow out of them within the year. If you have ever wondered how to get rid of kid’s stinky feet, we might just be able to help you out. If you have active children, you will probably experience b-linens the most. Often, kids who sweat more will experience smellier feet and shoes throughout the day due to the bacterias living on their sweaty feet. This has a lot to do with the fast fashion movement as well as the notion that children grow out of their shoes quicker than adults.

The result of this, are shoes made out of materials that do not allow kids stinky feet to breathe — creating the perfect environment for b-linens to thrive. So how do you prevent b-linens and smelly kid’s feet? Swapping out those stinky shoes for a new, more breathable pair is one simple step. Can we talk about socks?

Like many shoes, some socks are made from materials that do not allow feet to breathe.

Don’t Give Stinky Shoes A Chance!

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All of which inevitably raises the question: Do shoes have to stink? The obvious answer would be yes. In fact, you might say that shoes create the perfect conditions for sweaty feet. Sweat itself is odorless, although not entirely innocent when it comes to smell. After all, sweat creates ideal conditions for microbes. How strong the smell of sweat is perceived is highly individual. For instance, men perceive smells differently than women, Asians differently than Europeans.

Both sensory investigations and analytical methods can be used to measure such perceptions. Sensory examinations provide subjective results, while organic examinations quantify connections. In fact, analytical measurements reveal that the same molecules in shoes are also responsible for the typical smells of gorgonzola, cheddar cheese and blue cheese. These molecules are better known to scientists as 2-heptanone and 2-nonanone. Even so, thanks to the built-in treatment the unpleasant odor is permanently and efficiently reduced.

By applying the treatment during the footwear manufacturing process, optimal protection is guaranteed.

Bromodosis (smelly feet)

To find out what to do if you think you have symptoms, please visit Coronavirus symptom checker. Or visit our encyclopaedia page , which has general information and includes a BSL video. Having smelly feet is a common problem caused by a build-up of sweat. The feet have more sweat glands than any other part of the body. These glands release sweat regularly throughout the day to keep the skin moist and supple.

When bacteria break down the droplets of sweat, your feet can start to smell.

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The odd case of bromodosis—yep, foot odor even has its own very official name—is usually nothing to worry about. Here are a few possible reasons your feet stink and what to do about the stench. The bacteria actually create the odor by breaking down your sweat and dead skin cells. Pleasant, right? While the idea of sweaty feet might bring to mind summertime, Kor says he actually sees a fair share of foot odor complaints in winter because people wear heavy, less breathable socks to stay warm.

Yes, really.

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Good man: You’ve learned man sandals are a no-no. Instead, you’re reaching for loafers or sneakers. But it’s summer. If you want to go sockless, things can get a little dangerous. Those smelly, sweaty feet are impossible to ignore, especially when the shoes come off. See also: How to fix that black gunk in your summer sandals.

Your sweat and stress might be causing that foot odor, here are some expert approved tips to manage the stench.

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Foot Odor and Smelly Feet

We all deal with sweaty feet. It happens. Summer is the season of sweaty feet and stinky shoes. Wearing open shoes helps. So does wearing socks with shoes. Going sock-less is a surefire way to have smelly feet.

Want to get rid of your smelly feet? Eliminate foot odor with these six DIY remedies using unlikely ingredients such as lemon and vodka.

Foot odour is generally caused by the growth of bacteria within shoes. This bacteria generates a strong smell after decomposing sweat molecules on the surface of the feet. Since each foot has , sweat glands[1], extreme perspiration can cause feet to smell. As the name suggests, having a foot odour problem causes the feet to have an unpleasant smell.

The feet can also feel moist or damp too. Various treatments are available help with foot odour. The simplest option is using mild anti-bacterial solutions or soaps[2] and then drying feet thoroughly. Try an antiperspirant spray to minimise excessive perspiration of the feet. Maintain good feet hygiene by regularly washing and thorough drying the feet. Perform a regular, gentle foot scrub to exfoliate and eliminate the excessive layers of dead skin cells that bacteria live on.

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